Creating visually cohesive social, digital, and print media marketing content to drive brand awareness and generate leads for our clients.

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She understands that every project and commitment is about her clients core values, their audience, and future success. An expert listener, Venece can quickly get to the heart of what people want, even when they do not initially know what that is. She has many strengths, but creativity, tenacity, and marketing would be at the top of my list for her.

Mandy Zaransky Hurst

She has a high degree of integrity and does exactly what she says she's going to do. The quality of her work is exemplary and she has one of the best personalities of anyone I've ever worked with! If you're looking for efficiency, someone to anticipate your needs, still be wildly creative as well as an analytical thinker and problem solver, Venece is definitely the person for your project!

Sharon Blazer

Sourcing art for interior designers is a very niche market, and I wanted someone that could create elevated digital content that celebrated the artists' work but didn't compete with it - so that it could be fully appreciated by interior designers or end-clients alike. A talented writer and a savvy marketer, she, unquestionably, has a way with words and connecting with people.

Kasia Kay